Personal training


Training is a set of inputs or stimuli that we apply to our body to make it better, stronger and more resistant. The key to personal training is to apply the ideal dose and the necessary progressions. This is achieved in an optimal, safe and effective way, working in an individualized and personalized way, with a personal trainer.  Muscle strengthening is the basis of our treatments and training, as improving muscle quality can reduce pain in muscles and joints.

You get in shape by reducing your risk of injury and decreasing the fatigue that your daily work, family and/or sports life may entail.
Teaching to Train, aims to raise awareness of the importance of exercise from the point of view of physical and mental health, either to improve the quality of life, recover from injuries, dysfunction or prevent them, you can prepare for your favorite sports, improve your physical appearance both health and aesthetics.

We also offer a very innovative class, a fusion of pilates and ballet.

Baletonic is a new method that merges ballet and pilates exercises to help you stretch and sculpt your body.

Thanks to this dynamic exercise you will gain confidence in yourself, you will feel better and more comfortable with your body to give your best.

  • Baletonic will help you:
  • Strengthen the musculature
  • Burning fat and cellulite
  • Reducing back pain
  • Improving the balance

Individual or group sessions.


Make the person aware of the importance of acquiring healthy habits: physical exercise, nutrition, hydration, rest, anti-stress....

Educate and teach the person to know their body, and increase their body awareness, which is the basis of any type of training. To teach how to self-check the mobility of their joints, and to perform the necessary muscle strengthening exercises with the right technique, intensity of contraction and timing.

Teach to "train with head", with common sense, with the right dose to be able to improve, looking for the risk-benefit balance. Train to prevent future injuries.

Personal training for athletes
  • Advice on physical preparation.
  • Evaluation and detection of weak points and correction of muscular imbalances through specific muscle strengthening.
  • Advice on sports equipment.
  • Nutritional advice.
Physical training program for tennis or paddle tennis

Program aimed at improving physical fitness for tennis and paddleball.
When you are in shape you can learn and make the most of your tennis or paddle lessons, being able to concentrate more on technique, meaning less fatigue, more enjoyment and a much lower risk of injury. With speed exercises on or off the tennis/paddle court, you will improve your agility and speed, basic skills for both sports.
In addition to proprioception and strength exercises.

Senior Program

This programme is aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly and the fourth age. Normally we have the tendency to think that at these ages it is not possible to start and improve in a program of physical activity, but this concept is totally wrong, since with perseverance and training you can improve your physical capacities at any age. Improvements in joint mobility and muscle strength are obtained, giving great results in the feeling of balance, stability and coordination. Great improvements can be seen by performing the usual activities in your daily life. Performing a physical activity program at advanced ages is not only recommended, but should be mandatory to reach old age with a higher quality of life, less difficulties to move, less pain due to arthrosis processes or joint wear and tear and less health complications.
This is my concept of healthy longevity.

Postural correction program

This program consists of becoming aware of the basic concepts related to back pain and about anatomy, postural hygiene and corrective gymnastics, in a simple way, in addition to its practice and training.

The objectives are:

  • Prevent the onset of back pain.
  • Relieving pain during acute crises
  • Adopting more correct postures in the performance of daily life activities, in the world of work, during study and in sport.
  • Promote the regular practice of a maintenance sport activity aimed at improving your general physical condition and your back specifically.
  • To provide agility and harmony in the movements.

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