The most important benefits, properties and qualities that massage brings to us in practically all parts of our body, are ideal for good health.

After a day of work and more if it has been a stressful day who can not use a massage to relax and especially release the body of tension. Massage is not only beneficial physically, its effect is also beneficial on a psychological level.

Entre los beneficios que nos aporta es que favorece el sistema nervioso, el sistema circulatorio, los músculos, las articulaciones y la piel.

Massaging with movement improves blood circulation as it is stimulated, as there is better circulation, the tissues receive more oxygen. The skin is also benefited since the massage helps to eliminate dead cells and will also help us to dissolve possible cellulite that we had.

With the massage the muscles and joints are freed from possible stiffness and regain their elasticity. The massage frees the body of tension in the joints, the back and the neck area, avoiding headaches that are often present, especially when the neck is full of tension.

Choose the best time of day to give yourself a massage.

Sports massage

Indispensable for sports practice. It adapts to the needs of each person and aims to restore the muscular imbalances generated by sport.


Is aset of techniques aimed at mitigating muscle pain, whether it is tension, energy blockage or lack of tone. It is based on the use of friction, pressure and assisted stretching, depending on each case and the specific problem to be treated.

Decontracting massage

Indicated to treat contractures or loaded zones at muscular level, either by the sport or by the day to day, bad postures, inadequate gestures etc

Assisted trainings

Learning to stretch is fundamental, since elasticity is one of the capacities that we lose most quickly over time.
Posibilidad de sesiones de estiramientos asistidos o de masaje y estiramiento en una única sesión.

Relaxing massage

It is indicated to reduce the  stress, it relaxes the muscles, as it increases the circulation of the blood, by eliminating waste products that accumulate in the bloodstream. At the level of the circulatory system, it reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure. The person experiences a sense of calm and tranquility.

Decreases the pains, by improving blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen are delivered more quickly to areas in need. It reduces inflammation and improves wound healing. The contact of the specialist's hand with our body provides comfort, also regulates and relieves psycho-physical stress.

Gives greater elasticity to the skin, it becomes smooth and soft.

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