Find out about the opinions of her trainees, student testimonials, patient comments and user experience, about Ana's work.


«"Excellent professional of the physical exercise. Rigorous yet empathetic, she is able to create an excellent work environment in any of the sessions that brings out the best in each person who is lucky enough to have her as a trainer." Felipe Isidro. University professor of Physical Exercise and Health.
Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport.        
INEFC (University of Barcelona). Member of the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Physical Science and Health IICEFS - (International Institute of Physical Science and Health).


"What I can say about Anna, is very simple. Passion for what she does, dedicated to the maximum, very professional in her work, wasting a lot of positive energy, no doubt a 10+1. A life dedicated to sport." Julian Alonso. Former professional tennis player with best ATP ranking 30 in singles and best ranking in doubles 53. Director and owner of the tennis academies "Julian Alonso Team" JAT



«"I can say that Ana has a great experience as a tennis coach at all levels and as a physical trainer. Her passion is to work in the world of sport, she transmits energy, positivity and works with illusion." Segundo Acebedo .                                     Manager at Decoasports.



"Ana has been a professional player and can contribute a lot as a tennis coach." Manolo Orantes. Former professional tennis player with best ATP 2 singles ranking. Member of the Spanish team on several occasions and captain of the same.



"Ana Sismondini, collaborates as a masseur with FASTBODY, come on and try a good training in our centers and reward yourself with a massage" Jordi Bardou



«C"As a tennis coach I recommend Ana Sismondini, for her extensive knowledge of sports in all facets, as a former player and coach. Her easy manner makes everything much easier and fun". Pere Xargayó. Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Director of SSM208 Digital Marketing Consultancy.



"From a person who practices a profession and transmits his knowledge, I expect passion, commitment, seriousness, discipline and a fun angle. Then, the results will come according to the qualities of the student and his or her commitment to learning. Ana Sismondini fulfills the profile of that figure of personal trainer and/or Tennis/Padel". Manel Costa.           Member of the American Nike staff for 20 years.


"Ana es una entrenadora personal muy dedicada y hábil. Tiene una personalidad abierta y combinada con su gran experiencia profesional me entrenó para progresar muy bien rápidamente y aumentar mi nivel de aptitud física". Andreas Muller



"Very good masseur and personal trainer" Jordi Burillo.          Former professional tennis player with the best ATP 43 ranking in Singapore.


"I have known Ana since she was 8 years old, she does everything with passion and gives her all. Today she develops her profession with the same intensity and seriousness as when she played professional tennis. Without a doubt, a person to recommend." Ernesto Ruiz Bry.                           More than 30 years as a coach of professional tennis players.

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